Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fall Term 2010


  • Gred tidak memberi gambaran sebenar tentang kejayaan seseorang .(*terpengaruh dengan 3 idiots lagi*)
  • Analisis subjek Fall Term 2010
E E 430
Name: Power System Analysis

Topics: Transmission Line Parameters, Steady State Operation, Power Flow, Power System Controls

Love: 10/10

Final Grade: A

Comments: Just love it :-)

E E 431
Name: Power Electronics

Topics: 33 power electronics topics. (Major topics: rectifiers, power quality,heatsinks, Converters, Thyristors, Switching devices

Love: 8/10

Final Grade: A+

Comments: I guess it is the hardest course for this term because electronic are pain. However, power electronics are so so so so so important because humans are relying with new technologies.

E E 460
Name:Control Systems II

Topics: State Space Modelling, Controllability and Observability, State Feedback, Observer and Observer based control.

Love: 8/10

Final Grade: A-

Comments: I don't really like this course but I realize control system is important so that I can fully utilize my power system knowledge. No worries because this course is amazing especially for the lab section.

E E 400
Name: Capstone Design for Electrical Engineer

Topics: Borealis Art-Solar Power System(*development phase*)

Love: 7/10

Final Grade: B

Comments: The most expensive project among other ( approx CAD 30 000) . The client is nice but sometimes asking too much things. I just received the approval from the faculty and I can't wait for the implementation phase. excited.

SOC 366

Name: People in Industry

Topics: History of Workforce,Immigrants in Canada, Jobs, Women in Industy, Organization of work, Conflict and Control in Workplace.

Love: 5/10

Final Grade: B+

Comments: SOCIOLOGY!! I'm okay with memorizing stuffs but I don't really enjoy this course :(( However, the professor = FUNNY!!!

Final CGPA: 3.7
~~The end~~

p/s: satu semester je lagi !!!! oh nice.


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