Saturday, January 1, 2011

The mirror


As I woke up, I look into the mirror.. Yea I see another me inside it doing exactly the same things.

Mirror: Hey dude. How old are you?

Akmal: I'm 22. Why? Wait!!! I thought you can't talk at all.

Mirror: Hahaha. That's because you always think of me as a mirror only right?

Akmal: Shit.... Of course you are a mirror!!! Since you can talk only for today, who are you?

Mirror: I'm akmal. Sounds scary right? If you smile then I'm gonna smile too. If you wear red shirt then I wear the same cloth too. Do you got I mean?

Akmal: Kinda scary because I look at you almost everyday. Yeah I got that you are the image of me inside a mirror but you are not me.

Mirror: Hahaha. It's good to hear that you claim that I'm not you while we have the same looking right?

Akmal: We look the same if and only if I stand in front of mirror. So you are not totally me at all.

Mirror: Because you always think a mirror is a piece of glass that has image on it right. How do you see people in? Moving skeleton ? or a monkey?

Akmal: ZZZzzzZzzzzzZZ. then?

Mirror: Okes.. kinda sad with you for not being able to get my points... People will judge you with whatever you show to them. It's like a mirror!!! However, everything is all up to you dude. When you did something, you can deny it but people will judge you based on your actions. Whenever you wanna do something, please think about invisible mirror in your life. Are you behaving correctly according to syariah? Are you presenting a good Muslim?

Akmal: Then my life would be hard to think about that?

Mirror: Sounds difficult but do you want to live as a donkey or a human? I'm asking you to think about invisible mirror not carrying a mirror to anywhere. Why do you look at me almost everyday?

Akmal:Hurm, to check my physical appearance.

Mirror: Yea!!! When you did something wrong, try to put a mirror and look for your mistakes before blaming others. You cannot blame people for misjudging you because they are not superhuman to see your sincerity or so called inner side of akmal. However, you are the real akmal while they are your reflections only. I'm happy that you claim that I'm not you at all. You are the one that change me!! My advice is to listen and consider to others, reflect on yourself,make a wise decision and believe in yourself.

Akmal: Thanks.


AreDa said...

adoiiii..bila akmal berfalsafah ni..susah aku nak paham...haha

Anonymous said...
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